CULT Factsheet

Fact Sheet

The Committee on Culture and Education

Asynchronous activities: This refers to activities that are non-interactive and do not happen in real-time. In the context of this topic, it refers to educational activities in the form of pre-recorded lectures or work done alone without assistance or cooperation.

Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture (DG EAC): This European Commission department is responsible for EU policy on education, culture, youth, languages and sport. The department also supports these policies and priorities through a variety of projects and programmes.

European Digital Skills Certificate (EDSC): It is a certificate type proposed in the Digital Education Action Plan 2021–2027 that would be recognised and accepted by governments, employers, and many other stakeholders across Europe. It would provide information on its holders’ digital competence levels.

Pedagogical practises: This is an umbrella term for activities and classroom interactions that support the delivery of educational content.  It can also be activities and opportunities that aim to advance one’s skills in ways that build on previous knowledge, assist in learning and provide a strong foundation for further education.