Key Partners of Maastricht 2021

Studio Europa Maastricht

Studio Europa hosts the Maastricht Working on Europe programme, a joint programme of Provincie Limburg, Gemeente Maastricht and Maastricht University. Its aim is to position Maastricht as a meeting place for dialogue, debate and research about Europe.

Studio Europa Maastricht aims to position Maastricht as a meeting place for citizen dialogue and debate and establish a Centre of Excellence for research on Europe and European integration. With our unique expertise and network, we create a place to discuss and work on Europe. For everyone. Our focus is on research, stories and the heritage of Europe. We invite everyone to join us and carry on building the Europe that was created with the Maastricht Treaty.

As the main partner of our event, Studio Europa has been involved with us since April 2020. European Youth Parliament The Netherlands and Studio Europa share the same mission; stimulating active, critical debate and citizen engagement.

Together, we will engage 200 youngsters in a dialogue about a Europe fit for the digital age. As a center of research and excellence, Studio Europa will also supply expertise, helping our participants understand complex issues, stimulating their innovative recommendations for the Europe of the future. Strongly rooted in the region of Maastricht and Limburg, this partnership also helps us reach local enterprises and young people from the region, so that the local realities of European integration can be discussed.

The Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations

The Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK) is one of the ministries of the Dutch government. They are responsible for safeguarding the core values of democracy, by ensuring effective authorities that the public can trust.

In this spirit, the Ministry also wants to hear the innovative ideas and energy of young people, now and in the future. From an early phase, the Ministry has been highly involved with Maastricht 2021 as a Key Partner. By supporting the European Youth Parliament, the Ministry is helping to give young people a platform so that their opinions can be better reflected in the political agenda. To this end, they have asked our young participants to discuss the following topic:

“With young, activist citizens marching en masse for ends like Fridays for Future and Black Lives Matter, it is becoming increasingly clear that their opinions are not reflected well in the European political agenda of today. In an age where more and more citizens get involved in political movements digitally, European democracies fail to accommodate citizens that engage in politics virtually. What should Member States do to improve the engagement between policy makers and the younger generations via digital means?”


The Microsoft Center in Brussels aims to advance discussions on the digital policy issues shaping Europe in the digital age. With its work in Brussels, Microsoft wishes to facilitate conversations on the most pressing issues impacting Europe in the digital age. Microsoft is involved with Maastricht 2021 as a Key Partner.

“Microsoft’s mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Our work in Brussels is focused on creating the right frameworks to ensure that every European can make the most of digital opportunities, without compromising on the fundamental values which underpin our societies.”

We are happy to have Microsoft’s full support and look forward to collaborating with them on the most pressing issues impacting Europe in the digital age.

Sponsors of Maastricht 2021

Euregio RMN

Today’s Europe is facing compelling questions, which cannot be answered easily. What we can do, however, is take the first step by simply starting to experience and try out European cooperation. And what better place to do so than in the euregio rijn-maas-noord border region: a testing ground for cross-border cultural and economic activity? This is why the European Youth Parliament is partnering with euregio rijn-maas-noord – one of the European Union’s euregions – to create a platform where young people can collaborate on European solutions and test out new ideas!

Since 1978, euregio rijn-maas-noord has been the contact point for residents, associations, companies, educational institutions and other organisations in the German-Dutch border region. The working area extends from the north of Limburg and the southern part of the district of Kleve to the municipality of Echt-Susteren in central Limburg and the municipality of Selfkant. The region embodies 31 member municipalities in total.


The Kanunnik Salden/Nieuwenhof Foundation has for forty years financially supported projects in Maastricht and its surroundings. This support gives opportunities for social and civic initiatives to contribute to society.

The foundation is named after Kanunnik Maximilianus Henricus Salden, a cleric from Maastricht who died in 1745. After his death, he left his possessions and wealth to the poor and needy of Maastricht.

The foundation Kanunnik Salden/Nieuwenhof prefers to give start-up grants to  innovative projects, particularly projects that involve young people. That is why the foundation also supports the International Forum in Maastricht 2021, because this will give young people from Maastricht and all of Europe a voice, especially in these times of crisis.

Ministry of Defence

The Ministry of Defence of the Netherlands stands for peace and security, in the Netherlands, in Europe and all over the world. With a workforce of some 58,000, the Ministry of Defence is one of the biggest employers in the Netherlands.

In the digital era, the Ministry continuously innovates. “Our defence organisation is an inextricable part of society. We are thus also contributing to security awareness so that we as society remain alert to hybrid threats, such as disinformation, and build our resilience to those threats” writes Ank Bijleveld-Schouten, Minister of Defence, in her Defence Vision for 2030.

The Ministry is partnering with Maastricht 2021, the 4th International Forum of the European Youth Parliament in the Netherlands, to build that societal resilience and awareness. The Ministry and the European Youth Parliament will raise awareness among young people about the topic of hybrid threats such as disinformation. Together, we contribute to security awareness among The Digital Generation!