Become a Partner

Our programme is entirely based on volunteers and fundraising, and organised without commercial interest. To make sure as many participants as possible can attend Maastricht 2021, we cooperate with partners and sponsors at international, national and local levels. Together with us, partners can help create an exceptional experience for all the participants and keep the threshold for participating as low as possible.

There are many ways to support the 2021 International Forum in Maastricht. The partnership can be in the form of financial support, but we also welcome in-kind, expertise, contacts  including public or symbolic support. It is important for us to create sustainable and mutually beneficial partnerships. We aim to guarantee the visibility of our supporters through our website, goodie bags, publications, local and national press coverage and other communications. We also offer our partners specific advantages and deliverables, for example the chance to engage with young talents from all over Europe. This engagement can take on different forms: partners can suggest a topic for participants to discuss or send an expert to help and discuss with the participants. Our main partners will also get the opportunity to deliver keynotes to all the participants at various speaking opportunities.

Working together with Maastricht 2021, the 4th International Forum of the European Youth Parliament in the Netherlands is a unique chance to foster active citizenship in young people from all over Europe. Doing this is an investment in knowledge, education and the future. If you are interested in working together with the European Youth Parliament or have any suggestions, please get in touch.

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Examples of Past Partnerships
UNHCR x Rotterdam 2018
KPMG x Luxembourg 2018
“For KPMG, it is very important to care about young people...I think these people are really bright, creative, innovative - like the talent that KPMG is looking for. It made a lot of sense for KPMG to partner with the European Youth Parliament.”

– Anne-Sophie Minaldo, Partner at KPMG Luxembourg, speaking at an International Forum organised by EYP Luxembourg in partnership with KPMG.

Taste Before You Waste x Amsterdam 2019

During our National Conference in Amsterdam in 2019, Amsterdam-based foundation Taste Before You Waste provided the participants with a healthy and sustainable meal that was waste-free. 

Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment x The Hague 2020

In 2020, EYP the Netherlands partnered with the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment to bring important topics to the attention of young people during a national conference in The Hague. With financial support and expertise of the Ministry, 100 youngsters discussed how to reduce unemployment, particularly among the youth. They came up with bold and innovative solutions.