Coronavirus measures

We are aware that measures to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-19) may still be in place in April next year. We want the event to happen in a safe and healthy manner and are developing contingency plans for different scenarios.

The Dutch government announced its next steps in May. Measures in the Netherlands have been eased on the 1st of June. In the ideal scenario, the easing of measures will continue so that by April 2021, the event can take place as it normally would. 

In another realistic scenario, the 1,5 metres of distance must still be observed in April 2021. In this case, some examples of measures we may take are the following.

    • We may downscale our participants from 200 to a lower number.
    • We could create opportunities for other participants to join the programme digitally. The European Youth Parliament has significant experience in organising digital youth discussions. Learn more about this here.
    • Larger venues could be rented, in which it is possible to socially distance (1,5 metres), for example through seating arrangements. Together with venue managers, especially the accommodation, we will discuss the possibilities.
    • We will educate our participants and guests on practising good (respiratory) hygiene, encouraging the washing of hands and wearing non-medical face masks where necessary and helpful – for example during transport from one venue to another.
    • Especially with regards to catering, measures could be taken to prevent cross-contamination and other unnecessary health hazards. These measures include but are not limited to catering volunteers wearing non-medical face masks and rubber gloves.

In the unlikely scenario that organising this event is still not responsible by April 2021, even if we observe the measures described above, we believe the best step is to postpone the event. If this turns out to be the case, this extreme step will be taken in close cooperation with our partners, sponsors and partner countries.

We are in constant contact with our partner countries about the constantly evolving travel restrictions and what they will mean for our participants. 

For more questions or concerns, please reach out to [email protected]