The City


We are excited to host an international EYP event in Maastricht for the first time. While mainly known for the 1992 Maastricht Treaty, Maastricht’s European character is much more than this. Nestled between many of the EU’s founding countries, the city knows three languages and is a crossroad of different peoples, cultures and countries: a European city through and through. This international character is also reflected by Maastricht University, with 50% of its students and 40% of its staff being international. We aim to integrate the region into our event to the fullest:  through cultural excursions and activities, our participants will discover Maastricht’s beauty, history, gastronomy and people. This includes the river Meuse and the Sint Pietersberg, but also the picturesque squares, old bridges and charming cobbled streets curving the inner city.

Various parts of our programme will be open for the people of Maastricht, such as the Panel Debate. Cooperation with local businesses is essential for our programme’s success, and we want to ensure that this is mutually beneficial, and Maastricht can take part in and gain something from the Forum.

The EYP has had the fortune of using beautiful or inspiring venues in the past, such as parliamentary buildings and cathedrals. Maastricht is home to impressive architectural highlights in Céramique, but also 1,450 well-preserved monuments and historic buildings, such as the City Hall on the Markt or the Bonbonnière. For the International Forum in Maastricht 2021, we wish to host the programme in venues which showcase the city’s beauty and character.