The City


We are excited to host an international EYP event in Maastricht for the first time. Despite the conference taking place online, the city will still be a central hub, from where we will host the conference, invite guests in our studio and create interesting live-streams. While mainly known for the 1992 Maastricht Treaty, Maastricht’s European character is much more than this. Nestled between many of the EU’s founding countries, the city knows three languages and is a crossroad of different peoples, cultures and countries: a European city through and through. This international character is also reflected by Maastricht University, with 50% of its students and 40% of its staff being international. We aim to integrate the region into our event to the fullest:  through cultural productions, our participants will discover Maastricht’s beauty, history, gastronomy and people. 

We collaborate intensively with local Maastricht businesses and Maastricht civil society. Together with our key partner Studio Europa Maastricht, we will organise Workplace Europe: Different local enterprises and local organisations from the city of Maastricht will engage with our 200 full-time participants, and approximately 50 visiting participants from the city and its surrounding region. Workplace Europe offers the opportunity to learn from each other, explore solutions together and develop new collaborations to make Europe a better place.