The Theme

EYP_2019_Yerevan_DAY1_GENERAL TB-9879Lukas Ischlstöger
Photo by Armin Adzovic (BA)

An overarching theme gives structure and guidance to the discussions at conferences of the European Youth Parliament. For the 2021 International Forum in Maastricht, the theme will be:

“The Digital Generation:
Setting an Innovative Agenda”

Issues surrounding digitalisation and innovation are at the center of the public debate in Europe: from privacy and copyright, to fake news and foreign interference in elections. The theme of the conference calls for a nuanced discussion on the positive and negative sides of our ever changing lives. It is up to our 16-24 year old participants – all part of the digital generation – to positively shape the future of our society. This generation is facing many challenges that call for innovative solutions, such as the climate crisis, the COVID-19 crisis, the move to a carbon-free economy, an ageing population and a lack of employment opportunities for young people. The International Forum in Maastricht is a place to discuss these topics – and many more.

The theme strongly aligns the event with Maastricht and Limburg. In a largely ageing region, Maastricht is a magnet for young people with its bustling cultural life, university and industry. The region of Zuid Limburg is known for its innovation in sustainability, technology, health and smart services. This forms the perfect backdrop for young people to debate an innovative agenda.

The topic has gained an extra timely dimension with the COVID-19 crisis, which has seen many parts of our lives move into the digital sphere.  Where better to discuss an innovative future as a digital generation of young people than online?